The numbers written in the stars are determined every Tuesday and Friday night at the EuroMillions draw.

Having picked the five correct numbers in the numbers field and the two correct numbers in the lucky stars circle – that means winning the Europot.

Nine countries, one European lottery, and unparalleled winning amounts – that is the short-version formula of EuroMillions. The key to a game’s success is its attractiveness. In the case of EuroMillions, this attractiveness mostly lies in the high winnings available, but also to the high number of winning possibilities. It is for that reason exactly that the EuroMillions countries France, England, Spain, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Switzerland and Austria aim at keeping the game attractive and continuously enhancing the conditions for the gaming participants right from the beginning.

How do I play EuroMillions?

5 at the top, 2 at the bottom – that’s how easy it is to create a pick. Mark five numbers from 1 to 50 from the upper number box and 2 numbers from 1 to 12 from the lower star circle. And you’re done. In Austria, a pick costs 2.50 euros.

•    AustriaBonus
With every EuroMillions draw, an additional prize of 100,000 euros can be won exclusively in Austria – the AustriaBonus! Each pick is entered automatically.
•    EuroMillions share ticket
Increase your odds of winning with an opportunity to buy shares in a variety of picks. For just €7.70 you can play 63 EuroMillions picks. Up to 315 picks are possible. With the EuroMillions share ticket, you have significantly more chances of winning pro-rated prizes.
•    EuroMillions Team Pick
Use the EuroMillions Team Pick and play with up to 10 friends or relatives – whether by using a normal or system ticket or a Quick Pick. Multiply your chance of winning millions! Each team member must play at least one pick. Each person receives a separate receipt.

Where can I play EuroMillions?

Place your bets either at your retail outlets, via the Lotteries App or online at our website.

What is a Euromillions subscription?

With a EuroMillions subscription you will never miss a draw again; your picks are entered automatically. Select your number of EuroMillions picks and the number of Joker picks you wish to use.  With your EuroMillions subscription, you can participate in every draw or in all draws except starting rounds (17 million euros). You can also select your preferred draw days (Tuesdays, Fridays or all draw days). The subscription can be cancelled at any time, and the picks can also be changed at any time. You can start your EuroMillions subscription on – the gaming site of Austrian Lotteries. 

How long is a EuroMillions betting slip valid?

You can submit your picks for up to a maximum of 10 consecutive draws. You can freely select the duration of the subscription from one to 10 draws. The draw days are on Tuesdays and Fridays, and the draws take place in Paris. 

When are the draws held?

The draws take place on Tuesday and Friday evenings in Paris and are carried out by the French lottery company “La Française des Jeux”.
ORF 2 broadcasts the draws on Tuesdays and Fridays at 10:25 pm. The winning numbers are published afterwards.

Can I submit a betting slip for a later EuroMillions draw in advance?

No, you cannot “skip” a draw. You can only participate in future draws via the “Play Duration” option, in which up to ten consecutive draws are possible, and the first draw is always the one closest to the time the pick is submitted.

Where can I find out if I have won?

You can find out whether and how much you have won via the EuroMillions prize query on, our gaming site, in the Lotteries App, in ORF Teletext, in the daily newspapers or at our retail outlets.

When are the closing times for these draws?

For the Tuesday draws: Tuesday, 6:30 pm.
For the Friday draws: Friday, 6:30 pm.

How much does a EuroMillions pick cost?

2.50 euros for a normal pick or a Quick Pick.

What is a "jackpot hunt"?

A so-called “jackpot hunt” allows players to participate in the lottery draws until somebody wins the jackpot. It is not offered by Austrian Lotteries.

Which countries take part in EuroMillions?

Euromillions was introduced in February of 2004 – initially only in France, Spain and the UK. In September of 2004, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland were added to the list. The draws have been held on Tuesdays and Fridays since May of 2011.

How does EuroMillions work?

The operation of the game is the responsibility of the lottery company of the respective country, which must adhere to the local societal and legal requirements. That is why EuroMillions in Austria can only be played with Austrian betting slips and winnings can only be claimed in the country in which the game was played.
EuroMillions is a pari-mutuel game, which means that the value of each individual prize depends on the number of picks played and the number of winners in the various prize categories. The winning totals from participating countries are put into a common pool, from which the ranking totals of the individual winning tiers are finally formed.

How do you win in EuroMillions?

If you picked five correct numbers in the number field and two correct numbers in the star circle in one pick, you’ve cracked the Europot.

17 million guaranteed total prizes

The starting sum for the 1st tier is 17 million euros. If there are no winners in the first tier, the winning amount remains in the pot and is added to the first tier of the next round.
This only applies to the first tier, however. If there are no winners in the lower tiers, the prize money of those tiers goes to the winners of the next lower tier.

What are the EuroMillions prize tiers?

Euromillions has 13 different prize tiers. 
•    1st tier: 5 correct numbers + 2 correct stars.
•    2nd tier: 5 correct numbers + 1 correct star.
•    3rd tier: 5 correct numbers + 0 correct stars.
•    4th tier: 4 correct numbers + 2 correct stars.
•    5th tier: 4 correct numbers + 1 correct star.
•    6th tier: 3 correct numbers + 2 correct stars.
•    7th tier: 4 correct numbers + 0 correct stars.
•    8th tier: 2 correct numbers + 2 correct stars.
•    9th tier: 3 correct numbers + 1 correct star.
•    10th tier: 3 correct numbers + 0 correct stars.
•    11th tier: 1 correct number + 2 correct stars.
•    12th tier: 2 correct numbers + 1 correct star.
•    13th tier: 2 correct numbers + 0 correct stars.

Why is the Europot higher than, for example, the jackpot in a Lotto draw?

The size of a jackpot in games such as Lotto and EuroMillions (so-called pari-mutuel games) essentially depends on three factors: First and foremost, of course, on the size of the market (and thus the number of players), then on the price per pick and finally on the share of the total winnings that goes into the respective prize tier.
Besides Austria, France, Spain, England, Belgium, Ireland, Portugal, Luxembourg and Switzerland also participate in EuroMillions. These nine countries have a total of around 227 million inhabitants. Lotto “6 out of 45”, on the other hand, is only available in Austria, which has around 9 million inhabitants.
The price per pick is 2.50 euros for EuroMillions and 1.20 euros for Lotto.
In EuroMillions, 60 percent of the total winnings go to the 1st prize, while in Lotto it is 40 percent.
A ceiling of over 230 million euros

A prize ceiling was introduced for player protection reasons. This means that the Europot cannot exceed a certain amount. This ceiling is currently defined as 230 million euros. Any amount in excess of this will be added to the next lower prize tier. 
If 230 million euros have been in the pot for five consecutive rounds and nobody hits the jackpot again, then the winnings of this fifth round go to the winners in the next lower tier (“rolldown”).
Superpot & “MillionenRegen”

The Superpot guarantees a prize of at least 100 million euros in the 1st tier in the starting round. If this sum is not won immediately, the winning sum is also added to the 1st tier of the following round.
The “MillionenRegen” (“Shower of millionaires”) is an additional draw in which 25 x 1 million euros are raffled off as a bonus in addition to the regular Europot. These additional prizes will be drawn from all picks placed in the nine EuroMillions countries and participating in the draw. Each participating pick is assigned a special MillionenRegen number consisting of four letters plus five digits, which can be found on the receipt.
Euromillions winners from Austria

Our top 3 with the highest winning amounts: In 2008, a resident of Carinthia cleared over 55.6 million euros. In 2014, a resident of Tyrol took the Europot with 54.3 million euros. A Styrian shared the superpot with a Frenchman in 2009 and received exactly 50 million euros.
In 2018, a Tyrolean betting syndicate (45.6 million euros) and a resident of Lower Austria (45.5 million euros) cracked the Europot.