We sponsor numerous projects and initiatives in the fields of humanitarian concerns, art and sports.

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Sponsorship has been an integral part of our corporate culture since our company was founded in 1986. For us, it’s a matter of course to be active for Austria in Austria and to offer sustainable support for institutions and projects that benefit the people.
Austrian Lotteries is the country’s largest and most important sports sponsor (via sports promotion) and promotes not only mass sports, but also high-performance sports. Among other things, we’re a premium partner of the Austrian Olympic Committee, the Austrian Sports Aid and sponsor of the Austrian Paralympic Committee. We also support humanitarian projects that are important from a socio-political perspective.
You can find a selection of our Group’s sponsorships:

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Application and selection criteria

If you’re interested in a cooperation, please send a written request to sponsoring@lotterien.at. The Austrian Lotteries Sponsoring Team will be happy to answer any questions you may have!
We select the projects we support based on a number of criteria, including, above all, the pursuit of long-term socio-political goals, the integration of the project into the overall sponsorship policy, and a high level of contribution to the common good. We do not support events abroad or individual persons. Motor, extreme and fun sports are also excluded, as the main focus in the area of sports is on projects that serve to promote exercise and health.
Please note that we don’t sponsor projects in which our products are directly linked to children and young people in return. Social sponsorships, where the idea of promotion and our social responsibility and social commitment are in the foreground, are excepted, which is why we don’t support schools at graduation balls or similar school activities. Responsible handling – especially with regard to youth and player protection – is very important to us.


Sponsoring as a financial basis for non-profit associations

Before the foundation of Austrian Lotteries, the Austrian Children’s Aid, the Austrian Sports Aid and the Austrian Senior Citizens’ Aid, among others, conducted number lotteries, the proceeds of which (in addition to donations) were the basis for financing these organisations. When the Lotto “6 out of 45” was introduced in 1986, these organisations were faced with overwhelming competition. That is why we entered into agreements with these organisations in order to ensure their continued existence.

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