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At 24 locations, WINWIN invites guests in Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Salzburg, Tyrol and Vienna to enjoy playing Video Lottery Terminal games.

Games & more – that is what Austrian Lotteries and Casinos Austria have been offering through their joint subsidiary at 24 locations in Austria since 2004. The WINWIN outlets are open on 364 days a year (closed on 24 December) from noon until midnight. The entrance is free.

Guests aged 18 and over are offered games on the most up-to-date of Video Lottery Terminals (VLTs). They optically resemble classic gaming machines of casinos, but differ in their game mechanics. While every gaming machine individually decides whether the player wins or loses by means of a random generator, for VLTs this decision is made by the random generator of a computer within the central system – based on pre-defined prize pyramids. The central computer then transmits the results to the individual terminals. Games can be played with a minimum stake of only 10 Cent.

The WINWIN outlets are an ideal supplement to the existing local and regional holiday and tourism offers. They add value to the leisure-time experience of both local guests and tourists. With each location, WINWIN creates skilled and qualified employment and offers a responsible and respectable alternative to the so-called „Kleine Glücksspiel“ (an Austrian concept that allows certain gambling activities on a Provincial level), casinos across the border, and illegal gambling.