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Funding and Promotion of Sports

With a volume of 80 million Euro each year, we are the most important financier of sports in Austria.

In the context of this sports funding as it is stipulated in the Austrian Gaming Act, Austrian Lotteries significantly contributes to the financing of sports in Austria. The amount of money that goes to the special federal funding of sports is also defined in the Gaming Act. The Bundes-Sportförderungsfonds (BSFF) administrates and distributes the funds according to a pre-defined allocation formula.

More than 1,55 billion Euro have been invested in sports in this way since 1986. Especially mass sports are benefiting from this financing model based on solidarity. Any limitation of those funds would endanger the existence of many non-profit sports associations.

This model is based on the "Sport-Toto Act" from 1948. The purpose of Toto was to rebuild the Austrian sport after the end of the Second World War. After the introduction of Lotto and the adoption of Toto by Austrian Lotteries in 1986, at first a fixed percentage of sales was earmarked as sports funding money. Since the amendment of the Gaming Act in 2011, 80 million Euro goes to the funding of sports each year. According to Art. 20 of the Gaming Act, this amount will increase each year.