Brieflos (Break-open tickets)

Breaking open the “Brieflos” is the ultimate thrill. After all, it is up to the individual player, how fast he/she unfolds the ticket.

Brieflos is an instant lottery, in which immediately after breaking open the ticket the players know whether and how much they have won.

Beyond that, with Brieflos Austrian Lotteries has the possibility to allocate additional prize money or non-cash prizes to all or to individual prize tiers. The first prize of Brieflos is EUR 100,000. The Super Brieflos provides gains of up to EUR 300,000. The Mega Brieflos is characterised by the larger format and the “mega grand prizes” of EUR 500,000. Brieflos can be purchased for EUR 1, 2 or 3 at all retail outlets of Austrian Lotteries. The Brieflos BONUSRAD in every retail outlet offers an additional chance to win up to EUR 100.