TIPP 3 - Betting Options

Where can you place your bets?

  • Online at tipp3.at
    As the sports betting expert from Austria, tipp3 offers its customers an opportunity to place online bets on a wide range of sports fairly, securely and easily at the highest level. With just a few clicks on tipp3.at, you can access a wide range of sports bets – from anywhere, at any time. From simple 1,X,2 bets to live betting around the clock and streaming of numerous sporting events – sports fans will find all this and much more included in the constantly expanding tipp3 product portfolio.
    This way you won’t miss out on any exciting betting options, bonus promotions and exclusive prize competitions! Use the fair new tipp3 customer bonus right now to start your first betting experience with an added advantage.
    Available at around 3,000 newsagents, all across Austria
    tipp3 has been played in Austria’s newsagents since 2001, and there’s always a lot of buzz when there’s a big football match or ice hockey game on. Many people feel confident they know how the story will end and test their prediction by betting on an outcome – and if they’re right, they’re thrilled as they have their winnings paid out by the newsagent. Little has changed in over 20 years, except that the options for placing bets have become more diverse. The classic way of placing a bet in a newsagent is by using a betting slip where you mark an outcome with an X, similar to a lottery ticket. Numerous bonus campaigns and great prize competitions add even more excitement to the daily lives of our newsagent customers.
    In many larger newsagents, there is also a tipp3 tippBox where you can place your bets digitally, at your leisure. The betting slip is then printed out in the form of a receipt and handed in to the newsagent. Find a tipp3 agent near you now!
    You can also place your bets using the tipp3 Trafik app. As with tippBox, the betting offer is even broader, except that you can also select your bets from home using the app. Anyone who has uploaded credit to their app wallet at the newsagent can submit their bets anytime and from anywhere.
    tipp3’s most important values include absolute security in the handling of games as well as the highest level of responsibility and fairness towards customers. Anyone from the age of 18 can place tipp3 bets.