Zahlenlotto 1-90 (Digit Lotto 1-90)

Authorised by decree of Empress Maria Theresia, Digit Lotto 1-90 is the oldest licensed game of chance in Austria.


Austrian Lotteries regularly reviews its games in the course of market observations to ensure that they are appealing and up-to-date. Depending on demand, the range of games is adapted by changing, simplifying or expanding games. The latest observations show that adjustments are required in particular for the games Digit Lotto "1-90" as well as Lucky Day. 

Valid for participation in draws after 30.09.2023.

After 30.09.2023, there will be two instead of three Number Lotto draws per week. The Thursday draw will be discontinued. With multi-round tickets, you will be subject to the new playing conditions after the draw on 09.09.2023 at the earliest.

Two times a week five numbers are drawn out of a series from 1 to 90. There are seven different versions of the game – Extrakt, Ruf, Ambo, Terno, Ambo-Terno 3, Ambo-Terno 4 and Ambo-Terno 5 – which yield different prize amounts. The stakes are fixed, ranging from EUR 1 up to EUR 500. The highest possible prize amounts to 5000 times the stake. Most important: The prize never has to be shared with others!