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  • tipp3 is a preferred betting provider for sports enthusiasts in Austria. Whether you’re a loyal regular customer and like to fall back on traditional classic bets or you’re a new customer who’s increasingly demonstrating a special knack in the live betting area – tipp3 has the right bet for every strategy. To get started, tipp3 offers an attractive one-time start bonus, but tipp3 customers are also regularly rewarded with special promotions as they go forward. The odds follow the motto of “the higher, the better”, and the offer as such is quite abundant. A serious approach is of course the top priority for the longstanding premium partner of the Austrian Football Association (ÖFB). In addition, no effort is spared to ensure that the winners receive their payout quickly and without complications. Responsibility, fairness and security are among tipp3’s most important values. Whether online, in the newsagent or on the Trafik-App, anyone who has ever used tipp3 won’t want to do without these convenient and easy ways to place sports bets. 
    How does tipp3 work?
    tipp3 gives you an opportunity to bet on various sports events. You can choose your favourite teams or players and make your predictions. If you’re correct in your pick, you can win a multiple of your stake. To ensure that every sports fan gets their money’s worth, tipp3 offers its customers a wide range of sports and betting options, as well as attractive bonus promotions and exclusive competitions. Anyone from the age of 18 can place tipp3 bets.
    How many types of bets does tipp3 offer?
    tipp3’s range of betting offers makes it possible to basically play each event individually or combine it with other picks. For major sporting events, such as football matches of the UEFA European Championship, Champions League or even French Open tennis matches, sometimes over 100 different types of bets are available. Depending on how willing you are to take risks, tipp3 allows you to put your expertise to the test.
    In addition to the daily betting offers, you will also find numerous long-term bets in tipp3’s betting program. For example, you’ll have a chance to bet on the champion of the Austrian Bundesliga at the beginning of the season or on the next world champion during the group stage of a World Cup.
    The tipp3 live bet with the additional live streaming feature ensures thrills around the clock. You can bet on a specific event during an event: classic examples would include betting on the next goal in a football match or the next point win in tennis.
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