Twice the fun! It’s the extra draw right after the Lotto draw.

What is LottoPlus?

LottoPlus is the extra draw that takes place right after the regular Lotto draw. Give your lottery picks another chance by simply ticking the LottoPlus box, either online or on your betting slip. This way, all your Lotto picks, for only 50 cents per pick, will also take part in the LottoPlus draw, which takes place every Wednesday and Sunday immediately following the Lotto draw. As with the Lotto, the LottoPlus involves six numbers being drawn – but without a bonus number.

How does the LottoPlus work? 

You submit your picks for the lottery draw just as you always do, and then you also play in the LottoPlus with these exact same picks. Taking parts in the LottoPlus always applies to all your picks on the betting slip. No chance should be missed, after all. As with the Lotto, the LottoPlus involves six numbers being drawn – but without a bonus number. Six correct picks means you’ve cracked the jackpot, and with just three correct numbers you’re already guaranteed to win two euros!

What is a Team Pick?

Instead of playing alone, you can form a team of friends and acquaintances, combine your Lotto and LottoPlus picks and win with a Team Pick. Multiply your chance of winning millions together! A separate receipt for each team member ensures uncomplicated and fair processing of the prizes.

How do I play the Team Pick?

If you opt for the Team Pick, all Team Picks will also take part in the Plus draw. To take part using a normal or system ticket, simply tick the desired numbers and the TEAM PICK box at the bottom right of your betting slip. Of course, you can also have your Team Picks completed using a random number generator. To do this, simply tell the cashier at your retail outlet how many Quick Picks you’d like to play.

• Tell the cashier at the retail outlet how many members are in your team, and your Team Pick is fully submitted. 

• If you also want to participate in the LottoPlus draw with your joint lottery picks, of course you can also do this with a Team Pick. To do this, simply tick the “Yes” box next to the LottoPlus.

• A separate receipt will be printed for each team member.

• Of course you can also play Team Picks online at

How do I play with a share ticket?

Thanks to LottoPlus there are even more chances to win with a share ticket. With a share ticket, you’re automatically also taking part in the LottoPlus draw. Your Lotto picks are also your LottoPlus picks and take part proportionately in the LottoPlus draw.

When are the closing times for the LottoPlus?

For the Wednesday draw: Wednesday, 6:30 pm.
For the Sunday draw: Sunday, 7:00 pm.

How much does a LottoPlus pick cost?
Your picks are entered into the LottoPlus draw for € 0.50 per pick. 

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