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Februar 1, 2023

Lotto bonus draw on February 10

With her live moderation of the New Year’s Concert right at the beginning of the year, Teresa Vogl celebrated an exciting premiere.

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Jänner 27, 2023

An extra 100 x 1 million with EuroMillions

EuroMillions has already turned many of its players into millionaires.

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Jänner 27, 2023

A scratch-off ticket from the heart

This coming Valentine’s Day (February 14) calls for gifts from the heart, and our scratch-off ticket is just what you need...

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Jänner 18, 2023

The seven tricks of Lady Luck

"We're now starting the draw..." That was the opening line that was said a total of 114 times last year, following by a total of 684 Lotto balls rolling out of the draw hopper, resulting in 114 different combinations of six numbers.

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Jänner 12, 2023

Go on a treasure hunt at the pyramids with our scratch-off tickets

“Treasure of the Pyramid” and “Treasure of the Pyramid Deluxe” are the names of Austrian Lotteries’ new scratch-off tickets.

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Jänner 12, 2023

Lotteries Day in the State Hall of the National Library

The first Lotteries Day of the year offers an opportunity to visit the newly restored State Hall of the Austrian National Library (Österreichische Nationalbibliothek – ÖNB) in Vienna – one of the most beautiful and important libraries in the world.

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Jänner 4, 2023

Marco Ventre kicks off the 2023 bonus draws

The Lotto “6 out of 45” bonus draws with an extra chance to win 300,000 euros and a celebrity guest moderator in our Lotto studio will continue this year as well.

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Jänner 4, 2023

42 Gaming Millionaires and Lottery Luck in Upper Austria 

2022’s lucky number is 451.

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Dezember 30, 2022

A quarter million euros for players from Styria

There was no shortage of happy faces all over Austria on Christmas Eve, but it was a player from the Burgenland region in particular who was absolutely beaming with joy...

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Dezember 23, 2022

Welcome the New Year with a dose of good luck

It has become almost as much of a tradition as a toast with a glass of champagne as we usher in another year: giving someone a scratch-off ticket for that extra portion of good luck is a great way to wish someone the best for the upcoming year.

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