Use “TopTipp” to bet on the Lotto numbers now and win up to 75,000 euros.

The other Lotto pick: now with only 1 hot euro bet on the result of the Lotto draw!

TopTipp bets are bets on the results of the Lotto draw. Unlike Lotto, however, you don’t try to pick the 6 final numbers, but instead trust that you will correctly guess a number of winning Lotto numbers (up to five). If all the picks match the numbers from the Lotto draw, you can win fixed prizes (up to 75,000 euros).

How do I play TopTipp?

First, decide how many numbers of the Lotto draw you want to bet on. For example, if you think you can predict 2 numbers, choose the 2-number pick. After picking the type of bet, place an X on the numbers between 1 and 45 that you want to bet on. In total, you have 5 types of bets to choose from (1-number pick, 2-number pick, 3-number pick, 4-number pick and 5-number pick) and combine them on the betting slip as you wish.
By the way, if you don’t want to pick your own numbers, you can try your luck with a randomly generated quick pick. On the betting slip, a total of up to 10 picks are possible, and with a quick pick, you can even place as many as 20 picks.

Where do I play TopTipp?

Place your bets either at one of our retail outlets or online at our website. Closing time is on Wednesday at 6:30 pm and Sunday at 7:00 pm.

When are the draws held?

Since TopTipp represents a bet on the Lotto numbers, there is no separate TopTipp draw. The winning numbers are determined in the live Lotto draw on ORF 2. The TopTipp winning numbers thus correspond to the Lotto numbers.

Can I also play Joker at TopTipp?

Yes, up to 10 Joker tips are also possible with TopTipp. Just say “Yes!”


1 euro for a normal or quick pick, no matter which type of pick you choose.