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Thrill and a fun quiz – a unique experience with the Online Bingo Show every Saturday at 18:15 on win2day.at/BingoShow

The goal is to achieve the grand prize: “Bingo”. Marking all 25 numbers on your Bingo ticket during the win2day Online Bingo Show will win you the grand Bingo prize. Since there is no jackpot, numbers are drawn until finally we have a winner. As opposed to draw-based games, winnings in a higher prize tier do not preclude winnings in a lower tier.

The Bingo Multi Bonus (the highest prize category in Bingo) is won, if Bingo is achieved before the 44th number is drawn. Whenever the Bingo Multi Bonus is not won, the Multi Bonus winning amount is raised by EUR 10,000. If the Bingo Multi Bonus is won, the Multi Bonus winning amount starts again with EUR 50,000.

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