Joker and its slogan “Say Yes!” have been part of Austrian Lotteries’ product portfolio for more than 30 years.

Originally, Joker was introduced as an add-on game for Lotto and Toto in 1988. Several other games were added over the years. Therefore, today’s customers can also mark the Joker “Yes” on their Zahlenlotto (Digit Lotto), Bingo, Lucky Day and EuroMillions play slips.

Joker is a pari-mutuel game (1st prize tier) combined with fixed odds (2nd through 6th prize tier). If the Joker number on the ticket (read from right to left) is identical to the Joker number drawn, the grand prize – the Joker – is won.

How do I play Joker?

Joker can be played in combination with Lotto, EuroMillions, EuroDreams, Toto, Bingo, the Number Lotto, TopTipp and Lucky Day, up to 10 times per receipt. Simply check “yes” next to the Joker the next time you place your picks and increase your odds of winning.
For reasons of space, only one number is printed on the betting slips available at Austrian Lotteries’ retail outlets. The remaining numbers are determined by a random number generator and can be found on the receipt.
If the Joker number on the betting ticket (starting from the right) is identical with the Joker number drawn, the first prize, the Joker, is won.

When are the closing times for Joker?

For Wednesday draws: Wednesday at 6:30 pm.
For Sunday draws: Sunday at 6:00 pm. 

How much does a Joker pick cost?

1.50 euros for a joker pick.