Toto and Torwette

Football pool and correct score bet - both games are based on the correct prediction of football match results.

What is Toto?

Toto is an Austrian Lotteries game of chance in which players try to predict the outcome of multiple football matches.
You can bet on one team winning or the match ending in a draw.

How do I play Toto?

In each Toto round, 18 football matches are published. The player has to place bets on the outcome of 13 of these matches. Five of these are mandatory matches on which bets must always be placed, while the player can freely select eight out of the remaining 13 matches (elective matches).
So players can choose from 13 football matches and bet on their outcomes in the form of 1, 2 or X.
For each match, there are three ways to bet:

e.g. for a match between Rapid Vienna and Austria Vienna:
•    Pick 1: The home team (Rapid Vienna) wins.
•    Pick 2: The away team (Austria Vienna) wins.
•    Pick X: The match ends in a draw.

What are the different game options?
  • Toto and goal bet with normal ticket/system ticket

- On a normal Toto ticket, you can tick up to 13 Toto betting columns as well as a goal bet pick. The optional matches may vary from pick to pick.
- On the system ticket, 32 systems are offered with a different number of bank, two-way and three-way bets. Bank means selecting a single outcome per match. For a two-way bet, the player selects two outcomes, and for a three-way bet, all three possible outcomes. Depending on the number of banks, two-ways and three-ways, the individual systems have different numbers of betting columns. The system ticket also offers 33 goal betting systems.

  • Playing using quick pick

There are two ways to play using quick pick:
- It’s possible to play without having to fill in a betting slip by using the pro quick pick. The computer generates the picks for all 13 matches in a column and prints out the receipt. 13 betting columns as well as one goal betting pick (which is also generated by the computer) can be played per receipt.
- With the combo quick pick, a player selects (at least) 5 matches, which the player bets themselves and marks on the betting slip. The computer selects the remaining matches at random and generates the picks for them.

  • Playing with the Joker

The Joker is a bonus game consisting of six digits that can be played on Toto (as well as on Austrian Lotteries’ other betting slip games).

  • Toto team pick

For team players, there’s the Toto team pick, which allows up to 10 friends to play Toto and the goal bet together as a team. This makes it possible for players to organise gaming communities, share the stakes and increase their chances of winning. The team pick can be submitted by means of a normal ticket, system ticket or pro quick pick. Each team member receives their own receipt and can collect their winnings independently of the other players.

  • Playing on win2day

Toto and the goal bet can also be played via the win2day gaming site – in all variants (normal ticket, system ticket and quick pick). All that’s needed is an account (registration) on win2day. In addition, win2day offers the “System Champion”, a special system match programme with different shortening and filtering options to optimise the picks and adapt them to the player’s personal preferences.

Tip: You can also create, print and save betting columns of this kind and play them in a participating retail outlet without needing to register. 
Click here for detailed Toto instructions!
Where can I play Toto?
You will need a match programme (e.g. TOTO preview) and a betting slip – both are available free of charge at your participating retail outlet. Or just play online at
Up to 2 rounds of Toto (A- and B-rounds) are offered each week. The A-round includes matches that take place during the week (Tuesday to Thursday), while the B-round includes the weekend matches (Saturday and Sunday).

The current programme of matches, the closing date of the respective Toto round as well as results and odds can be found here:
•    in the current Toto preview (in any participating retail outlet)
•    in ORF’s teletext (page 725) and ATV
•    in Austria’s daily and weekly newspapers
•    on our website

How much does a Toto pick cost?
A Toto pick costs 70 cents.

How much does a goal bet pick cost?
A goal bet pick costs 1 euro.

Information on Toto winners can be found in our press releases.