Klassenlotterie (Class Lottery)

The Austrian Class Lottery is a number lottery that is conducted over six game phases, the so-called „classes“, for a period of approximately six months.

No more than 250,000 lottery tickets are issued per Class Lottery season. All tickets participate in the classes 1 through 6 and may win several times (except for the lowest four winning categories and the lowest winning category on certain defined dates).

With a one-time single stake, players participate in the Super Class for six months, in which 100,000 Euro can be won every day and seven times 100,000 Euro are played for on the day of the final draw. In one lottery, 29 million-strikes can be won. The odds of becoming a millionaire by means of the Class Lottery thus is 1:8,621 with one ticket number, and with a combination of ten ticket numbers the odds are increased to 1:862, if all six classes are played.