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Player Protection

"Gambling with Responsibility" is the basis of all of our activities.

We pay particular attention to this aspect and our requirements exceed those stipulated by the law. Clear rules and regulations in combinations with preventive measures make it possible to prevent problematic gambling behaviour in the earliest stages.

Protection of minors

In April 2009 we have introduced a voluntary self-restriction that allows us to only sell lottery products and pay out winnings to persons aged 16 and over. Purchasing sports betting products and participating in online gaming are only allowed from the age of 18, as stipulated by the law.

With this prohibition of selling draw-based and instant lottery games to persons under the age of 16 we are taking an important, pro-active step. In this context, our retail partners play an essential role, as they are obligated to adhere to this age limit by contract, which is systematically monitored and checked by means of mystery shopping. Any violations of this self-restriction are penalised. In individual cases, such violations may even lead to a termination of contract.

Admitting new retail partners is only possible after they have successfully completed a Responsible Gaming training course. Additionally, our retail partners receive on-site training at least once a year by our sales representatives regarding player protection issues. The basic training course can be accessed at any time directly via the online terminals at the retail outlets. This ensures that new employees at the outlet also receive comprehensive training right from the start.

Responsible Gambling Academy

Offering games of chance in a responsible manner is to significant degree in the hands of our employees, which is why we place great value on a regular exchange of information and opinions regarding the complex topic of gambling addiction. In this context, we work together with national and international research institutions and Austrian counselling and treatment facilities. Since 2004, we have been organising annual events to present the most recent scientific findings and best practices. Today, the Responsible Gambling Academy (RGA) can very well be seen as the most important expert conference in Austria in this area. Attendees of the RGA include national and international experts, specialising on psychology, psychiatry, social sciences, as well as representatives of regulatory authorities and independent organisations.

  • Opening speech at RGA 2019 of Director General Bettina Glatz-Kremsner.

Free hotline, self-test and information centres

We naturally provide first-line assistance for our customers. Therefore, we have installed a player-protection hotline that can be called for free. On our Responsible Gaming website www.smv.at you can find all information regarding the player protection measures employed by our Group. Recommendations regarding the experience of playing responsibly and videos of experts and people affected by gambling addiction invite visitors of the site to learn more about the topic. Aside from our free hotline, the anonymous self-test and the contacts of Austrian information centres and counselling facilities offer first-line assistance to those who need it.

What is Responsible Gaming?

Responsible Gaming is the sum of all measures and actions taken by the gaming operator to address and counteract possible problematic side-effects of the products offered.


For questions regarding the topic of player protection, please call our hotline:

0800 202 304
free of charge