A reliable Partner for "Licht ins Dunkel"

Help for people in need
General Director Erwin van Lambaart pictured with the donation cheque for 50,000 euros for “Licht ins Dunkel”

Thanks to the solidarity of many donors, "Licht ins Dunkel" has been one of the country's most successful fundraising campaigns for more than 50 years.  

Austrian Lotteries has been a partner of "Licht ins Dunkel" since 1990 and has been reliably doing its part to support people and families in emergency situations ever since. Sometimes fate strikes, and due to illness, job loss or other misfortune it suddenly becomes a challenge to put a warm meal on the table or pay the heating bills.  

Austrian Lotteries is happy to lend a helping hand here to support those for whom the burden is too heavy and the need threatens to become too great. Shortly before Christmas 2023, Director General Erwin van Lambaart therefore handed over a donation cheque for 50,000 euros. 

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