Bingo Room

Bingo! You can chat and look forward to winning prizes while the number balls swirl all around you.

  • win2day Bingo Room - Österreichische Lotterien
    It’s win2day’s Bingo! world of experience

    In seven new Bingo! rooms, you can experience the game in a more fun and modern way. Shake a leg in the “Grease”-themed game, curry favour with the gods in “Age of the Gods” or dance like an Irish leprechaun when your personal “Lucky Numbers” are drawn. Cool Klicksis, four new speakers and a mobile game offer for your smartphone or tablet are sure to surprise you.


On a clearly arranged start page you can easily see at a glance which draws are coming up, how high the current jackpot is and how much a ticket costs. What an easy and convenient way to play Bingo! You can keep an eye on your games and even play more than one at a time. With the new timeline feature, you can also purchase tickets for future games ahead of time.