The "Panda" expands our Mega Break-Open Ticket Zoo

Mai 25, 2023
Corporate News
New Mega break-open ticket in four colours and with 500,000 euros as the main prize

It’s an old joke: “Which animal didn’t get anything out of colour TV? – The panda.” Still, the panda is one of the most beloved animals around. Actually, this cute little black-and-white fellow from China has even become the mascot of the World Wide Fund For Nature (WWF) and stands as a symbol for protecting our planet. This is a more pressing issue than ever before, and so Austrian Lotteries is also addressing this issue by launching our new Mega “Panda” break-open ticket.

The panda bear adorns the front of the new Mega break-open ticket, where the main prize – as with all previous Mega break-open tickets – is once again 500,000 euros. In addition, there are numerous other prizes ranging from 2 euros to 1,000 euros – all for a price of 3 euros per ticket. The lottery comprises 2.5 million tickets, and there are four different colour variants: green, pink, yellow and blue.
The “Panda” ticket also offers a second prize level with the “Bonus Wheel”, which gives players a chance to win an instant prize of up to 100 euros at any ticket office.

It began with the “Frog”, the “Leopard”, the “Zebra”, the “Panther” and the “Tiger”, and now the series continues: our animal-themed Mega break-open ticket is being expanded to include the “Panda” theme. 


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