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Mai 11, 2022
Corporate News | Lotterien App
Place your picks wherever and whenever you want – and useful practical features are also included.

There are many ways to participate in Austrian Lotteries' games, but the Lotteries App is the perfect solution for the more tech-savvy users who prefer a simple, innovative way to play. The mobile offerings include the Lotto, LottoPlus, Joker and EuroMillions, and a subscription for multiple draws can also be arranged. The integrated "Glücksbörse" ("Lucky Purse") makes it possible to top up and withdraw credit and provides an overview of receipts played, winnings, jackpots, additional prize games, news and much more.

This "Lucky Purse" can be topped up at all retail outlets. This is also where you can get prepaid credit in the form of a EuroBon. Once the "Lucky Purse" has been activated at the retail outlet, it can also be topped up with a credit card. Due to player protection reasons, a maximum of 100 euros can be deposited in the "Lucky Purse" each week.

The previous year, a player from Lower Austria managed to score a six-fold jackpot with the app and win over 5 million euros.

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