“Bee Lucky” with 100,000 euros

May 19, 2023
Corporate News | Scratch-off Ticket
Let the "Lucky Bee" bring you happiness: 100,000 euros as the main prize, with 10,200 euros earmarked for nature

The new "Bee Lucky" scratch card offers seven games at once. If you uncover the bee symbol three times per game, you win the respective amount, which can be up to 100,000 euros. You can win up to three times per ticket.

“Bee Lucky” also offers another special feature: with this scratch-off ticket series, Austrian Lotteries takes on three bee sponsorships worth a total of 10,200 euros. More information is available at www.lotterien.at. 

In this series of 1 million tickets, the main prize is included once. In addition, there are numerous other prizes ranging from three euros to 1,000 euros. The payout rate is 58% percent, and the chance of winning is 1:2.90. The scratch-off tickets sell for 5 euros each.

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