Austrian Lotteries supports the Red Cross with 15,000 euros 

Mai 9, 2022
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On World Red Cross Day on May 8, 2022, Austrian Lotteries demonstrates solidarity with people in acute need and supports the Austrian Red Cross's individual spontaneous assistance with 15,000 euros.

The commitment to social and humanitarian projects is seen as a special priority within Austrian Lotteries' sponsoring framework, which is why it has been in a partnership with the Austrian Red Cross for many years.

In 2022, the support of 15,000 euros on the occasion of World Red Cross Day will once again benefit the Red Cross's individual spontaneous assistance, which offers social first aid and supports people in acute emergency situations. Unforeseen events, such as job loss, illness or even "just" a broken fridge can quickly place low-income households in a precarious position. Last year, due to the Covid pandemic, many people were in need of support for the first time.

The people concerned don't receive assistance in the form of cash, but as food vouchers or one-off payments in emergencies, for example. So if there isn't enough money at the moment, if the gas or electricity bill cannot be paid, if there's a lack of school materials for the children or if there's even a threat of eviction due to rent arrears, this is where people can go to get advice and help.

"Across Austria, the Individual Spontaneous Assistance supported around 4,500 people in emergency situations in 2021. This number shows how great the need for quick assistance without too much red tape is. Unexpected difficulties that threaten the existence of the people don't need to become a permanent condition," Erwin van Lambaart, CEO of Austrian Lotteries, explains the company's commitment.

Michael Opriesnig, Secretary General of the Austrian Red Cross, emphasises: "Many have joined when they lost their jobs during the Covid crisis and now fear for their future. We help them maintain some stability and regain their confidence. Many thanks to Austrian Lotteries for their support, which directly benefits people who really need it." 

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