Toto and Torwette

Football pool and correct score bet - both games are based on the correct prediction of football match results.

1,2 or X? A certain amount of football know-how can be quite an advantage in Toto and the correct score bet, since expertise and experience may enlarge the player‘s chance of winning. Both games are based on the correct prediction of football match results.

For each Toto round, the game programme consists of 18 football fixtures. The first five matches are pre-selected and must be bet on (= mandatory matches). The other eight fixtures may be selected freely out of the remaining 13 matches (= selectable matches). In total, the player needs to bet on 13 matches per bet column.

The result of every match must be predicted in the form 1, 2, X:

  • Bet 1 stands for victory of the home team.
  • Bet 2 stands for victory of the visiting team.
  • Bet X stands for a tied match.

Players win with 13, 12, 11 or 10 correct bets or if they have correctly predicted the outcome of the five mandatory matches. With the five prize tiers, the hit frequency has been improved significantly. The player already wins a prize with only five correctly predicted mandatory matches in one column. Torwette can only be played in combination with at least one Toto pick. For Torwette (correct score bet), the player has to place a bet on the exact results of the first five Toto matches.

The hat-trick presents an additional possibility to win. It is won if the player has placed 13 correct bets in Toto and five correct results in the correct score bet on one ticket.

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