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Join Our Company

There are many different ways to join our company. We look forward to receiving your application!

You are interested in becoming an apprentice at our company? You are currently a student, graduate or already have many years of professional experience in a certain field? We are looking for employees from various different educational and professional backgrounds, as there are many different business segments and departments at Austrian Lotteries.

How to make an impression at our company

We define a specific set of job requirements for each position that is used as basis for the application process. Professional and technical qualifications are already considered in the assessment of the application documents.

In the application process itself, we place more emphasis on personality traits, depending on the respective requirements for the vacant position. However, the following qualities are generally appreciated at our company:

  • commitment and flexibility
  • analytical, three-dimensional and innovative thinking
  • team-orientation and respectful interaction with others
  • self-reliance and independence
  • communicational and organisational skills
  • interest in continued education and individual development
  • command of foreign languages including German
  • cross-cultural competence

Our Headquarter in Vienna

  • Our company's headquarters are located at Rennweg 44, Vienna, Austria.

  • The reception area was redesigned in 2013.

  • A bridge connects the office buildings Rennweg 44 and Rennweg 46.

  • We operate two data centres, one directly at Rennweg 44 and one in Wiener Neustadt.

  • The light stage of Studio 44 is the heart of our event location.

Our Offices

  • We stand for an attractive working environment that promotes a company culture of open communication, variety, and diversity.

  • Our employees' diversity and cross-departmental teamwork are essential success factors for our company.

  • The Innovation Hub of the Casinos Austria and Austrian Lotteries Group is a co-working and co-creation space for all employees.

  • Our company offers apprenticeship programmes for future office clerks.

Browse through some of our employee benefits

  • We care about the health of our employees. Therefore we offer various different fitness classes, like Pilates, Yoga and spinal exercises.

  • Our in-house cafeteria Bistro44 does not only offer a rich salad buffet, but also a large variety of freshly prepared meals.