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Evelyn Vysher presents the lotto draws
The lottery draws are held twice a week on austrian television (ORF), on Wednesday and Sunday. Copyright: Austrian Lotteries

Lotto "6 aus 45"

The 7th of September 1986 constituted more than just a Milestone for Austria’s gaming era: It introduced a new age and thus formed the beginning of Austrian Lotteries’ success story. On that day, the first draw of Lotto “6 aus 45” was carried out in Austria.

For 27 years now, Lotto “6 out of 45” has been the most popular game among Austria’s gaming participants. The “6 out of 45” formula is customised to the gaming behaviour of the Austrians and the population size of Austria, which leads to a small number of top prizes, attractive mid-tier prizes, and many low-tier winnings.

The dream to be able to win a prize with a small stake and a bit of luck is also reflected in the marketing strategy “everything is possible”, which from the very beginning has been showing the fulfilment of dreams in “before and after” situations in a charming and amusing manner.

Top Winner 2012
The absolute top winner was a player from Vienna. On 15 August 2012, he was the only one to hit the quintuple jackpot and thus won 9,437,932.50 Euro prize money alone.