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The highest prize in Austria, with more than 2.64 million Euro, was won by a Styrian on 10 August 2012 with 5+1 correct. The record prize in the history of EuroMillions went to a player in Great Britain, who single-handedly hit the Europot on 10 August 2012 and won 190 million Euro. Copyright: Austrian Lotteries


What numbers are written in the stars is determined every Tuesday and every Friday at the EuroMillions draw. The five correct numbers in the numbers field and the two correct numbers in the lucky stars circle - that is what it takes to win the Europot.

Nine countries, one European lottery, and unparalleled winning amounts – that is the short-version formula of EuroMillions. The game was launched in February 2004 by France, Great Britain, and Spain, and extended to Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, and Switzerland in October of the same year.

2 times per week richer than rich
More chances of winning have been available to players since May 2011. This offers the possibility to win 15 million Euro or even more two times per week, Tuesday and Friday. If there are no “5 + 2 correct numbers”, the winning amount is added to the Europot of the next draw. That means: In case that nobody hits the first prize tier on Friday, the amount remains in the Europot and is added to the winning sum for Tuesday. If there is no winner on Tuesday, then, on the other hand, the amount is added to the Europot of the next draw.

An additional prize tier
In addition to the previous 12 prize tiers, the 13th prize tier was established on May 2011. This means that the player already wins a prize with “2 plus 0 correct numbers”. The probability of winning a prize has thus significantly increased from 1 : 24 to 1 : 13.

New game formula
In order to be able to ensure high Europots with winning amounts of more than 100 million Euro in the future as well, it was necessary to adapt the game formula and to expand the stars circle (lucky stars) from nine to eleven numbers. The new game formula thus is “5 out of 50” plus “2 out of 11”.

The EuroMillions draws normally take place every Tuesday and Friday evening between 8:45 pm and 9:30 pm at the french lottery company “La Francaise des Jeux“ in Paris. They are aired every Tuesday and Friday at 10:25 pm on ORF 2.